A trip to a place where the hills are alive

This year I was lucky to have my birthday fall on a public holiday. Taiwan’s National Day is always celebrated on October 10th, but because it fell on a Saturday this year, we got the 9th off, too. This was a delight for me, because who really wants to work on your birthday?

My friend Japie and I wanted to go camping on the 9th. We planned the day weeks in advance, deciding we’d go to a campsite in Taipei that is supposed to be very famous. Unfortunately, a typhoon passed close to the north of the island close to the weekend and the weather prediction wasn’t looking good. We agreed that a change in plans was called for. I suggested that we be rebellious and just take a drive into the mountains outside of the city and see where we end up.

Something magical happens when you leave the city behind and drive out to the mountains. Surrounded by the smell of orange blossoms, and kissed by the sun on our backs, we drove until we saw the most spectacular sight. There was a small road leading up into the mountain trail. We drove and drove going higher and higher until we reached a place so perfect the camera couldn’t capture it fully. It made us both think of ‘The Sound of Music’ and I sang the song,”The Hills are Alive.”

It was a beautiful trip and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate my 40th birthday.

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